Kevin Campbell

Chief Executive Officer

With nearly thirty years of distinguished leadership in legislative advocacy and association management, Kevin Campbell has been instrumental in shaping Oregon’s political landscape. As the CEO of the Victory Group, he brings unparalleled expertise, a proven track record, and strategic vision to the forefront, ensuring clients benefit from a legacy of effective representation. Kevin’s insights and commitment to excellence make him the guiding force behind our mission to provide comprehensive and results-driven advocacy for governmental affairs in Oregon. In his free time, Kevin enjoys time with his grandchildren and travelling the world with his wife Marie.

Marie Campbell

Association Executive

Marie loves to think up new and creative ways for the associations to offer more benefits to their membership. She oversees conferences and trade shows, ensuring that both members and vendors have the best experience and feel as if the return on their investment went above and beyond. Making sure members have a chance to connect and network with one another is important to her, and she looks for creative ways to facilitate this. Marie loves the outdoors and is always looking for opportunities to go hiking with friends. She also loves traveling with her husband Kevin. If given the choice on her favorite activity, though, it would be spending time with her grandkids; JoJo (4), and Hudson (2)!

Chloe Haller

Government Affairs Manager

Chloe brings a remarkable resume of academic excellence and rich experience to our advocacy team at the Victory Group. With her fresh perspective and dynamic approach, Chloe brings a new dimension to our seasoned team, enhancing our ability to navigate Oregon’s governmental landscape with innovative strategies and effective engagement. Chloe graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Honors College at Grand Canyon University where she received a special distinction in leadership. In her free time, you will find Chloe and her husband enjoying any activity that gets them outside, serving in the community, and traveling!

Deanna Moore

Association Executive Assistant

Deanna helps create and implement the systems that keep associations running smoothly. She also plans and queues up conferences, trade shows, and events for success. She is also in charge of communication to members using our weekly publication as a platform, and AMS to broadcast messages to members. Because of Deanna’s attention to detail, her creativity, and her innate ability to look ahead and anticipate any potential problems, associations run smoothly and with high standards. Deanna and her husband Tony have four grandchildren and one more on the way. If given a free day (or a week), spending time with these littles is what brings them joy.

Chase Campbell

Financial Officer

As Finance Director at The Victory Group, Chase Campbell oversees all financial transactions, manages accounts payable and receivable, conducts bank reconciliations, processes payroll, and ensures compliance with all laws and regulations. Chase generates essential financial reports, tracks expenses, and supports tax preparation for The Victory Group and two state-wide associations. With strong communication skills, attention to detail, proficiency in accounting software, and a commitment to financial integrity, Chase contributes significantly to the success of The Victory Group. In his free time, you will find Chase kicking a soccer ball around with his 4-year-old daughter, playing catch with his 2-year-old son, or hitting a bucket of balls with his Dad at the driving range!

Kayla Dickson

Association Executive Assistant

Kayla is tech savvy and helps us utilize technology to our associations’ benefit. She is a problem solver and can get to the bottom of an issue quickly and decisively. She is competent with taking on projects by assessing what steps need to be taken to accomplish it, and then gets to work tackling it. Because of Kayla, we continue developing strategic ways associations can more effective. Kayla is married to Alex, and they have two boys: Greyson (5) and Gage (6 months). On evenings and weekends, you may find them at the sports field watching son Greyson show off his athletic ability.